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TRANSLINE Milestone To Build A Performing And Efficient East-West European Railway Line (EWEL)!

Keeping Europe moving with TRANSLINE!

Well-functioning passenger and freight links are vital for European undertakings and citizens. EU transport policies aim at fostering clean, safe and efficient travel throughout Europe, underpinning the internal market of goods and the right of citizens to travel freely throughout the EU.

  • Transport is fundamental to an efficient European economy.
  • Freight transport is expected to grow by 80% by 2050. And passenger transport by more than 50%.
  • Growth needs trade. And trade needs transport. Areas of Europe without good connections are not going to prosper.

What does Europe says about Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T)?

« Most of these transport infrastructures have been developed under national policy premises. In order to establish a single, multimodal network that integrates land, sea and air transport networks throughout the Union, the European policymakers decided to establish the trans-European transport network, allowing goods and people to circulate quickly and easily between Member States and assuring international connections.

If Europe is to fulfil its economic and social potential, it is essential to build the missing links and remove the bottlenecks in our transport infrastructure, as well as to ensure the future sustainability of our transport networks by taking into account the energy efficiency needs and the climate change challenges.

The EU is revising its TEN-T policy with the aim of creating a multimodal "core network" linking major cities and bringing together the western and eastern parts of the EU. Infrastructure policy should also support other objectives, such as social cohesion and limiting climate change.

A modernised, multimodal trans-European transport network will ensure a resource efficient mobility of persons and goods under the best possible social, environmental and safety conditions, as well as promote job creation, economic growth and territorial and social cohesion across the entire European Union (EU). »

There are practical reasons to favour an east-west line through Europe.

1. Let's Build The Missing Link

Europe has to embrace the missing link TRANSLINE which enables European citizens to have a continuous east-west link to counter balance the traditional usual North-South axis.

TRANSLINE isn't totally a new high-speed rail link to build from scratch, it relies on:

  • the Bordeaux-Lyon section realisation which includes 40% of the future Paris-Orléans-Clermont-Lyon (POCL) line which is due to solve the expected capacity crunch around 2030. France has just to stretch another 200-plus-kilometers beyond POCL and that's it!
  • the Limoges-Poitiers-Nantes-Rennes-Caen section, Limoges-Poitiers and Nantes-Rennes being already planned.

Get the gist of TRANSLINE with

Three branches constitutes TRANSLINE which is a keypart of a performing and efficient east-west European line (EWEL) running from Lisboa to Budapest through Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany and Austria.:

  • European Central Branch: Bordeaux – Lyon- which shares a common part with the doubling Paris-Lyon line (POCL) and bridges Iberian Peninsula and Italy, Central Europe.
  • West Branch: Limoges-Poitiers-Nantes-Rennes/Quimper/Brest/Caen (England) which connects ports/gateways to the rest of Europe offering an alternative to the North Range harbours.
  • North Branch: Montluçon-Bourges-Orléans-Paris

The two first branches are part of EWEL and must be supported by all Europeans.

2. Let's Remove The Bottlenecks

France is a bottleneck in Europe and threatens to block free exchanges on the whole continent because France lacks of European routes if we except North-South ones.

TRANSLNE by opening a new route is the right solution and give a natural and obvious prolongation to Lyon Turin the efficiency of which is threatened to be under-used by its dead end condition: a big pipe flowing into already congested lines whether North or South. TRANSLINE is its natural continuity.

EWEL through TRANSLINE is an alternative to by-pass the congested area which characterised corridor It by-passes congested axes such as Languedoc Arc and Rhone valley.

EWEL will warrant fluent transport operations throughout the network.

This ambitious program is worthwhile for many reasons, including this biggie: to federate Europe. By doing it, in the necessary common effort, and once done, making easy trade and interchanges between European citizens.

Today, without TRANSLINE, POCL is not a European project, it's just an operating problem because the present Paris-Lyon line supports already European connections all north-south orientated and POCL won't add new functionalities whereas TRANSLINE open east-west functionalities.

3. Connecting Europe: Putting Europe's Economy On The Move Thanks To EWEL

Job Creation And Economic growth

TRANSLINE is the-once-in-a generation opportunity to reshape the continent's economic geography Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary are concretely united.

If EWEL is well-thought we can hope the investment would reap enormous return dividends through inward tourism with wider economic production. EWEL should lead to a hike in European GDP and increased employment.

Firms in wealthy regions will be able to reach a bigger area without harming the prospects of poorer place which will get their chance too. EWEL will contribute to redistributing wealth and opportunities, rich regions and individual benefits not at the expense of poorer ones.

Invest on EWEL should pay off, opening new spaces for industry in the necessary re-industrialisation of regions affected by the downturn.

EWEL will transform the prospects of all regions concerned.

EWEL will have to attract entrepreneurs to its cities and to entice the best talents.

We hope that Silicon Valley stalwarts will consider TRANSLINE and its ability to form EWAEL.

EWEL route could emerge as a mini-version of Silicon Valley attracting hundreds of technology and new media start-ups.

The local industry will be getting a helping hand from the national government which will dare to invest fund to attract technology entrepreneurs to the various crossed-by-EWEL cities.

An entrepreneurial visa could be created to fast-track immigration approval for non-Europeans interested in starting business on EWEL areas which will be repopulated.

Territorial and social cohesion across the entire European Union (EU).

To thrive and boost new territories such Limousin and Auvergne and to open up countries like Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary by putting them on a mainstream line.

These regions and countries which have been by-passed up to now would be a stage/stop on EWEL, sort of European crossing metro line.

EWEL will help to diminish regional inequalities and promote growth to bridge regional divides. EWEL will bridge east-west divide.

The proposed link does much to address regional variations.

EWEL will make many parts of the crossed territories less insular. For Portugal it's an impulse for the Aveiro-Salamanca project which connects well Portugal to the rest of Europe especially after the Madrid-Lisbon high-speed line has been given up. For North Italy it's the Lyon-Turin prolongation which gives access to the Atlantic ports and enhances their gateway role for the whole continent. EWEL is the way to bring high-speed line to Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary which definitely includes these countries in a first class place in EC.

Let's build a new line of prosperity as development, to reorient the natural schemes and movement. To (re) populate these new remote areas to fight congestion on other parts Europe.

Let's develop new territories able to welcome new settlements.

4. Energy Efficiency

TRANSLINE is the shortest way to link Western Iberian Peninsula and Italy.

EWEL is a way to overcome the inability to succeed in the modal split target. Speeches are no longer enough, big decisions are now necessary.

TRANSLINE contributes to an east-west European continent structuration.

Contribute to the EU's climate change objectives.

TRANSLINE will cut air and road travels and carbon emissions because it connects dense but distant population clusters.

The shortest way means also to be a sustainable route.

High-speed talk is everywhere at the moment, Europe needs TRANSLINE to reinforce itself and to gather it's citizens.

Benefits of EWEL

To make sure the right infrastructure is in place to help the tech cluster grow.

TRANSLINE will thrive some one-horse towns on the route.

The continent will be able to rely on TRANSLINE to ensure a continent's development ambition.

5. Give An Impulse To European Building Through Better Ties Between Citizens

Let's just imagine a British citizen disembarking in Ouistreham, he will just have time to hop on a TRANSLINE train to be connected in around 3 hours to Bordeaux or in the so cherished Dordogne.

Trains on TRANSLINE won't whiz through Europe, it will act as a social glue to make European citizens to know each other better. To foster friendship and mutual understanding between European citizens.

6. TEN-T Must Integrate TRANSLINE In Its Core Network

The opportunity is the doubling of a long-distance rail use by a new line.

TRANSLINE is not a distraction from more urgent needs such as regeneration, it's a milestone to frame the continent. TRANSLINE will have also unintended consequences and benefits.

TRANSLINE is a link between n° 6, 8 and 17 TEN-T projects.

TRANSLINE is the key infrastructure to give birth to EWEL.

TRANSLINE contributes to a continent's development ambition.

Good infrastructure lasts a long time and it's a long run investment.

High speed route in the right direction to federate the continent and more by integrating Britain with an alternative route to go to Southern Europe.

For all these reasons TRANSLINE must be integrated in the TEN-T

Europe needs to focus on getting the infrastructure right. That's why TEN-T must integrate TRANSLINE.

A European citizen who will be able to split his time among Cardiff, Nantes and Bilbao, or among Bordeaux, Torino and Budapest, and then expand further.

Covering at least 3 Member States (9 are involved in EWEL: Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Hungary, 1/3 of Members States) and several cross-border sections, EWEL can be included in these corridors which will bring together the Member States concerned, as well as the relevant stakeholders, for example infrastructure managers and users. European co-ordinators will chair "corridor platforms" that will bring together all the stakeholders - these will be a major instrument to guarantee co-ordination, co-operation and transparency.

has to raise awareness and keep you informed about the latest TRANSLINE developments.

It will take a short time to get TRANSLINE the way we wanted to and the promote it.

All countries as far as concerned need to come to terms with EWEL.

We must develop imaginative kind of tools.

TRANSLINE is no longer in its infancy thanks to the public support in France and the recent debate about the opportunity on a new line between Paris and Lyon has just boosted the project by showing it as a masterpiece of TRANSLINE. TRANSLINE ended this debate in January 2012 on a high thanks to this sort of official acknowledgement.

We need to come up with innovative and bold realisations if we want a dynamic Europe.

TRANSLINE is not beyond the bounds of possibility.


TRANSLINE has to be integrated in the TEN-T to create this alternative route between Western Iberian Peninsula and Italy, Central Europe/Southern Germany.

Firm in our belief that EWEL is a good project and it will come to fruition.

EWEL is a very exciting prospect for all European, a good way to think Europe in a dynamic way.

TRANSLINE has a cross-party and French public support in France.

Now, TRANSLINE needs a wide support from all the European political and economic actors, a political help, to go ahead.

If we act well, EWEL is more than a decade down the road at 2030.

Europe is making a wrong turn, it needs an incentive through an ambitious project to reactivate it and to wake it up!