A resolutely European rail project

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In an article in the “Le Populaire du Centre” Limoges newspaper of Sunday 26 March 2017*, which recounts the week’s indiscretions, it is a question of a news flash entitled “Poitiers Limoges: L’Arlésienne”, which evokes the positions taken by some of Poitou’s elected representatives during a conference organised by the New Aquitaine Region. They ask for the Limoges-Poitiers High-Speed Rail project to be continued. The article refers to Alain Claeys. who mentions that “Limousin participated in the financing of the Paris-Bordeaux line, whilst counting on there being a Poitiers-Limoges line in the future, let us not forget this” while Bruno Belin, Chair of the Departmental Council of Vienna, proposes to relaunch the north-west branch of the Via Atlantica, declaring that “we must also talk about Nantes-Poitiers-Limoges. We’ve been talking about it for years and nothing has come of it!

TGV in Poitiers station Will the Poitiers train station be the crossing point of the Via Atlantica as some elected representatives are currently defending it?

Reference: http://www.lepopulaire.fr/limoges/loisirs/art-litterature/2017/03/26/les-indiscretions-de-la-semaine-en-limousin-et-nouvelle-aquitaine_12338108.html

Written by Guillaume BERTRAND,
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