The international agreement on the Lyons-Turin line has been approved by the Italian Senate with 187 votes for and 43 against (Movimento 5 Stelle and Sinistra Italiana, and one vote from the Partito Democratico in power) and 4 abstentions. The law must be passed to the Chamber of Deputies on 19 December.

The approval of the Italian Parliament is one of the two conditions established by the European Union for its 40% participation in the internationally-based tunnel between Suse and Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne. Of the 8.6 billion EUR cost of said tunnel, France will contribute EUR 2.2, Italy 3 and the EU 3.3. The tunnel alone will already reduce the route time by 45 minutes (22%).

To this should be added the access cost, which, on the French side (new Lyon-Chambéry and freight line) amounts to 7.2 billion and 1.7 billion on the Italian side. The second condition set by Brussels is that, by 2019, 2 billion EUR will be spent on the international part, the equivalent of 30/35 km tunnels in other words.

In France, the final vote of the French Parliament is expected for next 22 December.

The total cost of this 270 kilometre link between Lyon and Turin will therefore amount to 17.5 billion EUR, far from the 26 billion EUR or more that the opponents threaten.

For , the Lyons-Turin line should not be an impasse on an unfinished east-west European axis, but must achieve its full role in its natural vocation to reach the Atlantic coast, a necessary condition for the realisation of the Via Atlantica