The European Commission has understood that Europe will be built through the exchanges and encounters between Europeans.

Free travel throughout Europe may be possible in the near future. To revive pro-European feeling, the European Commission wants to study the idea of offering all young 18-year-olds in Europe an Interrail pass, a train ticket that would allow them to travel throughout Europe for one month.

The Commission strongly supports the idea that this matter must be examined,” said the European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, before MEPs met together in Strasbourg. “Because it refocuses attention on youth and facilitates the citizens’ mobility with a low greenhouse gas emission,” she was pleased to say. “There will be challenges to overcome. The Commission is going to conduct a study of the costs and financing, and we will see if it can be extended to everyone,” announced the Commissioner, who intends to speak with the rail operators concerned.

The annual cost would be 2 billion EUR.

300,000 people use Interrail passes each year and the cost of the ticket is EUR 479.

Europe is not only technocratic policy. We must also bring people closer together, we must again excite young people's enthusiasm about Europe", Manfred Weber propounded. “I am convinced that the 18th birthday Interrail pass for Europe could become a true lighthouse project for the development of a common European identity in diversity,” he stressed.

Potential customers for the Via Atlantica, and who show that rail is really a transport of the future!