have made proposals following their meeting with Jean Mallot, Special advisor to Alain Vidalies, 16th June 2016:

Rethink the POLT

to reassure the residents about the future with a proposal to provide services guaranteed by a new government, in conjunction with the high-speed line from Poitiers to Limoges.

To include/Take into account transversal services on the Poitiers-Limoges line

including one of the structuring lines of the ALPC Guéret-Limoges-Poitiers-Niort-La Rochelle with the creation of the St-Sulpice Laurière shunt and the electrification of St-Sulpice-Guéret.

To announce a schedule for implementing the

Poitiers-Limoges and POLT services within their new dynamics.

To announce that the Poitiers-Limoges line is intended in the long term to be linked to the POCL

in order to connect the great railway hub of Lyon and open it up to Italy. To thus create a connection between the Atlantic corridor and the Mediterranean corridor in order to re-establish balance on the TEN-T map, which currently neglects the Massif Central and a large part of the Atlantic coast, and thus make the Via Atlanticaa reality.

To produce all of the necessary elements

to give the Council of State the means to take their decision impartially.

It is therefore not a question of disregarding the decision of the Council of State but rather to pursue the reflection and succeed in carrying out the project by making the arguments that have not been dealt with by the institution count. It all depends on the place that politics wishes to reserve for rail travel in the sustainable mobility of the future.

See Poitiers-Limoges et POLT pour un nouveau départ (FR)