The association duly notes the cancellation of the high-speed line from Poitiers to Limoges by the council of state of the DUP (declaration of public utility), but regrets that the project has been taken into consideration solely as an end in itself, as we can read in the notification regarding the court's decision. For the future, the Association reiterates the need to take into closer consideration the "East-West" dimension of the project to develop the high-speed line from Limoges to Poitiers.
Council of State press release on the high-speed line Poitiers-Limoges

The association , which has supported the project for the high-speed line from Limoges to Poitiers from the very start, has always defended the principle that this should not be the final outcome, but that it should be included in a comprehensive land development scheme. It is a matter of increasing its interest in terms of land development and facilitating its funding. More than ever, it should be included in a framework which involves modernisation of the existing network and the building of new structures in order to ensure the development and the opening up both of the Massif Central and the Atlantic façade.

In addition to giving numerous departments the opportunity to gain an hour in train journeys via the west, the LGV line Poitiers Limoges should be the first link in this East-West European line, Via Atlantica, which France needs in order to be able to form a balanced railway network across its territory. It is a matter of building new connections both between regions and into the regions to reach territories which would then be remapped.

The Association intends to pursue their activity in favour of this great transversal East-West European project from Italy to the whole of the Atlantic façade, from Caen to Lisbon, based on the creation of the high-speed line between Limoges and Poitiers and the reactivation of the Bordeaux-Limoges-Guéret-Lyon railway line.