The association has always said that the high-speed line from Poitiers to Limoges should not just aim to gain an hour on the connection from Paris to Limoges.

The east-west dimension also makes it interesting, but the common sense argument in favour of balanced planning and more realistic financial viability has never had a willing listener. The association is campaigning for the connection between freight and passengers from the Atlantic corridor to the Mediterranean corridor on the same latitude as Lyon. This is the Via Atlantica project ( designed to link the European Atlantic façade with Italy/central Europe whilst reinforcing planned high-speed railway projects such as the GPSO (French acronym for Great South-west Railway Project) and the Poitiers-Limoges line.

It is only by acknowledging the fact that the Poitiers-Limoges line forms the first link in the Via Atlantica that it would have the chance to receive European funds.

On the 1st of July 2015 at the European Parliament in Brussels, the Via Atlantica founding symposium confirmed the integration of this high-speed line between Poitiers and Limoges linking the European Atlantic façade and Italy, 40% of which could in this respect be financed by European funds.

The reporting judge should have taken into account the regions of Limousin, Auvergne and the heart of the Massif Central, which is the size of Portugal, and thus also given them an opportunity for development!

If by misfortune our territory has to do without the high-speed line, with the lightning development of bus links and car-pooling which will jeopardise intercity and regional train links, what will be left of our railways?!

What economic future is in store for our territories?

We need to move to action for the Future of our Region.