LGV: High-Speed Line; DUP: Declaration of Public Utility

Extract from Le Populaire of 31/01/2015

Friday, 30 January, the General Council of Vienne decided to ask the State to withdraw decree no. 2015-18 of 10 January 2015 declaring the urgent and public utility of the works necessary for building the "Poitiers-Limoges" High-Speed Line (LGV).

An automatic right of appeal has been filed. According to the Vice-Chair of the General Council of Vienne, Guillaume de Russé, who is responsible for finance "the Declaration of Public Utility (DUP) was registered in the Official Gazette without taking into account the reports opposing the construction of this line and, more specifically, the "Mobility 21" Duron report of June 2013, the unfavourable opinion issued by the Court of Auditors concerning the excessive cost of this project, the unfavourable report issued by the SNCF concerning the overestimated rate of traffic, and the fact that this construction would lead to the freezing of agricultural land in South Vienne."

The General Council also declares that it categorically refuses to participate in financing the High-Speed Line (LGV) and that its priority is the upgrade of the RN 147-149 to 2x2 lanes.

's Chair, Jean-Michel Guerre expressed his concern.

Response from Claude Bertaud, chairman of the General Council of Vienne