drawing inspiration from FERRMED, the lobby that works thanks to the involvement of policies!

The FERRMED lobby was created by Spanish companies and communities to develop their Algeciras-Alicante railway project (the equivalent of the missing links in the Via Atlantica), integrating it into a European perspective and logic. The Spanish succeeded in federating various countries along this North-South axis.

This North-South axis further marginalizes our Atlantic coastline, making it even more urgent to create the Via Atlantica East-West Atlantic lobby to make sure that this East-West European railway axis is asserted and taken into account.

The Spanish, despite suffering a more serious crisis and budgetary difficulties than France, will not be distracted from issues of the future and continue to believe in the possibilities and future of their country. It could also be like this in France. How can a project be achieved without the least amount of strictness and coherence in its ambitions?

We must mobilise to create the European Via Atlantica lobby with

  • continue to strengthen by increasing membership, each member being called to contribute to it. Also, the Chambéry Métropole can convince the General Council of Savoie, etc.
  • involve the policies that must tackle the issue of Via Atlantica, so that it is not only left to technicians and the technostructure itself, developing a vision of the future. Spatial planning is another domain that the policies could cover,
  • continue to search for European allies.