9 European corridors:

France is poorly served.

The North-South FERRMED lobby further accentuates the marginalization of the Atlantic coastline; mobilisation in favour of the Via Atlantica is urgent; response of the Atlantic Arc to its integration into the continent.

Technostructure side: persistent refusal to conduct studies on the benefits to be derived from this junction between the Mediterranean and Atlantic corridors. The vision remains too Paris-centric and not sufficiently European.

Launch the Via Atlantica lobbying with the Portuguese, Spanish, Italians, Slovenians and Hungarians, and even with the Slovaks, Austrians, Germans and English,

  • in the context of the review of the TEN-Ts, the lobby must act in favour of completing the European corridors that will overcome the French deficit in terms of European connections, in other words:
    • Mediterranean corridor; addition of a Lyon-Limoges-Angoulème/Poitiers junction,
    • Atlantic corridor: adding a Poitiers-Nantes-Rennes/Brest/Caen junction
      These junctions, in addition to their task of completing the connections for a balanced spatial planning of the European territory, would ultimately offer a natural extension to the Lyon-Turin line and strengthen the Grand South-West Railway Project (GPSO), of which it is mainly the Bordeaux-Spain line that is encountering opposition, which must be reduced by adding new functionalities thanks to the Via Atlantica.
  • foster the emergence of the Rennes/Nantes-Bordeaux -Lyon triangle, likely to accommodate a portion of the population growth expected over the next 25 years, pursuing contacts with Lyon so that a first meeting can be held.
  • involve citizens so that they claim ownership of the project.
  • continue to request national studies about the East-West Bar, ensuring the continuity of the Via Atlantica on our territory.

Finally, following the municipal elections and consequent changes, the member communities, aware that they have entered a long-term process that will benefit their accessibility and standing, have confirmed their political support and membership of thus far, allowing the momentum to be spread in the shortest possible time. The next Board of Directors will elect a new bureau.